The Parallel Distributed Systems Laboratory has a mission to support teaching various courses at Department of Computer Science and Engineering. These graduate courses (MS and PhD) include:

CSC 5551/7551 Parallel and Distributed Systems
  Examines a range of topics involving parallel and distributed systems to improve computational performance. Topics include parallel and distributed programming languages, architectures, networks, algorithms and applications.
CSC 5552/7552 Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing
  Examines the advances of sequential computers for gaining speed and application of these techniques to high-speed supercomputers of today. Programming methodologies of distributed and shared memory multiprocessors, vector processors and systolic arraysare compared. Performance analysis methods for architectures and programs are described.
CSC 5573 Operating Systems
  Students study the principles of computer operating systems and their essential components. Team projectsexpose students to variety of system design issues as they relate to the functionality and performance of the system. Topics include I/O devices, Disk Scheduling, File System Organizations, Directory Systems, Sequential and Concurrent process, CPU Scheduling, Memory Management, Deadlock and review of some related articles in the literature.
CSC 5574/7554 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
  Covers the advanced topics in operating systems by examining functionality and performance issues in CPU Scheduling, communications, distributed file systems, distributed operating systems, shared-memory multiprocessors and real-time operating systems. In addition to studying papers, reviews and presentations, students carry out a semester long team project within the scope of one of the above topics.
CSC 5593 Advanced Computer Architectures
  Important concepts in the structural design of computer systems are covered. Topics include memory hierarchy, super pipelining and super scalar techniques, dynamic execution, vector computers and multiprocessors.
CSC 5765/7765 Computer Networks
  An in-depth study of active research topics in computer networks. Topics include: Internet protocols, TCP/UDP, congestion and flow control, IP routings, mobile IP, P2P overlay networks, network security, performance, and other current research topics.
CSC 5799/7799 High Performance Network-based Computing
  Topics in network-based computing such as Meta, Cluster, and Grid computing. Additional topics include: network-based computing architecture, efficient user-level communication software, global security and resource management, global file systems, and high performance distributed applications.
CSC 6960 MS Project
  Students seeking a Master of Science in computer science, who do not choose to do a thesis, must complete an individual project of an investigative and creative nature under supervision of a full-time CS graduate faculty.
CSC 6950 MS Thesis
CSC 8990 Doctoral Dissertation