The Parallel Distributed Systems Laboratory provides a computing environment which includes multiple workstations, PCs, and a cluster with multi-core machines. Its mission is to support teaching and research in all areas of parallel and distributed computing: advanced computer architectures, operating systems, parallel programming languages, applications, and high performance computing and networking activities in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver.

In line with the advances in the field of computer architecture, all of the new computers, including laptops, are now multi-core systems. While the computer architectures have all moved to multi-core, the system software and programming of these computers have not advanced at the same rate of progress. In fact, AMD and Intel have recently announced that they will increase the number of cores on a chip in all future processors, as have most other computer companies. For these computers to be used effectively, new system software, programming languages, and applications must be designed with expertise in parallel and distributed systems. Industry is now looking for software designers with training in parallel and distributed systems for all of their new developments.

This lab is under the supervision of Dr. Gita Alaghband and Dr. Ilkyeun Ra.