Parallel Distributed Systems Lab - PDS Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

College of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Colorado at Denver

This webpage has all the information needed for the students to develop their labs in the Parallel and Distributed Processing (CSCI 5551/7551) and the Advanced Computer Architecture (CSCI 5593) courses.

The official PDS Lab website is located at ,
which provides information about the lab, equipment, facilities, software and hardware documentations, activities, etc.

In the PDS Lab we currently have three machines providing a variety of computing platforms:

Once you obtain an account, you may logon to the PDS Lab system. Upon approval of your request for an account, an email will be sent to you with your account information. Users are welcomed to come to the lab room to work on the Hydra, Xeon or Dozer or can remotely connect to them from their personal computers.


The link below gives you the information you need to configure your personal computer to access the PDS lab machines:

Accessing the PDS Lab machines
Compiling Programs

Compiling Sequential Programs on Heracles, Hydra and Dozer

Compiling Sequential Programs on Xeon and Heracles by using Intel Compilers

Compiling Parallel Programs (OpenMP and Cuda) on Heracles, Hydra and Dozer

Compiling MPI Programs on Hydra

Compiling MPI Programs on Heracles

Compiling Parallel Programs openMP on Xeon by using Intel Compilers

Scheduling jobs on the servers
Profiling CUDA applications
OPENMP Documentation