at - Command for scheduling jobs on Linux


at -m now + 1 hour

at>  bpsh 10 ./matrixMult 4 1 > result-matmult.txt
at> ^D

-m : send a message when the job finishes

now + 1 hours
: the job statrts in one hour from now.

In this example, a job will created in order to execute helloworld and matrixMult programs on node 10.

Use different jobs for each program if you intend to run programs in different nodes.

The job will start in one hour from now, but it is optinal and you can start your job right away, just do not use <+ 1 hour> clause.

The results will be record in two different txt files: result-matmult.txt. You can choose any name to the result file .

The advantage of using <at> is that you can logoff and walk away from your computer while your results are generating.

          In order to manage the jobs created by <at> you can use:

atq: List pending jobs

atrm: Cancel pending jobs

You can use the commant top in order to check the processes running on linux

For more information abou <at> visit:

* results from at are mailed to /var/spool/mail/user_name