Scyld ClusterWare HPC

Reference Guide

Table of Contents
Scyld ClusterWare Commands
bdate -- Set the time on a compute node
beoboot -- Generate Scyld ClusterWare boot images
beoconfig -- Operate on Scyld ClusterWare cluster configuration files.
beomap -- Show a job map from the beomap scheduler.
beonetconf -- Configure Scyld ClusterWare network
beonpc -- Show the count of all user processes started by this master running on the specified compute node.
beorun --  Run a job on a Scyld cluster using dynamically selected nodes.
beosetup -- Configure, restart, and view information about a Scyld ClusterWare cluster
beosi -- Collects or extracts configuration information about a BProc cluster.
beostatus -- Display status information about the cluster.
beostat -- Display raw data from the Beostat system.
bpcp -- Copies files and/or directories between cluster machines.
bpsh -- Run the program on the indicated node.
bpstat -- Show cluster node status and cluster process mapping.
linpack -- Run the linpack benchmark
mpprun -- Run a series of commands on a Scyld cluster using a dynamically generated job map.
Scyld ClusterWare Maintenance Commands
beofdisk -- Query and modify hard drive partitions on compute nodes.
beomodprobe -- A Beowulf wrapper around /sbin/modprobe and /sbin/insmod.
beoserv -- The daemon that serves IP addresses and boot files to compute nodes
bpctl -- Control the operational state and ownership of compute nodes.
bplib -- bplib manages the VMAdump in-kernel library list and individual file list of cached files .
bpmaster -- Daemon for cluster control and communication.
bpslave -- This program is the BProc distributed process space slave daemon. It runs on each compute node.
node_down -- Bring a compute node down cleanly.
recvstats -- receive multicast status from cluster nodes
sendstats -- transmit cluster node status
Scyld ClusterWare Special Files
beowulf-config -- Configuration file for BProc and beoboot
beowulf-fstab -- cluster node filesystem table
Scyld ClusterWare Beostat Libraries
beostat_count_idle_cpus -- count number of idle CPUS in cluster
beostat_count_idle_cpus_on_node -- count number of idle CPUS on a given node
beostat_get_avail_nodes_by_id -- get a list of available nodes for a given identity
beostat_get_cpu_count -- return the number of processors on the specified node
beostat_get_cpu_percent -- get the CPU usage on a node
beostat_get_cpuinfo_x86 -- get the time of the last update for node
beostat_get_disk_usage -- get the disk usage on root partition of a node
beostat_get_last_multicast -- get file system statistics for the root file system on a node
beostat_get_loadavg -- get load average on a node
beostat_get_meminfo -- get information about the memory usage on a node
beostat_get_MHz -- get the speed of the processor on a node
beostat_get_name -- get the name of node
beostat_get_net_dev -- get the network interface statistics on a node
beostat_get_net_rate -- get the cumulative network interface on a node
beostat_get_stat_cpu -- get the statistics of CPU utilization
beostat_get_statfs_p -- get file system statistics for the root file system on a node
beostat_get_time -- get the time of the last update for node
beostat_is_node_available -- determine if a given user/group can run on a given node
beostat_set_last_multicast -- set the time of the last multicast transmission to the compute nodes
Scyld ClusterWare BProc Libraries
bproc_access -- Check if the current user may use a cluster node.
bproc_chown -- Change the ownership for a cluster node.
bproc_currnode -- Get the current node number
bproc_detach -- Remove the current process from the BProc process space.
bproc_execmove -- Exec a local binary on a remote node
bproc_getnodebyname -- Get a node number from a node name.
bproc_masteraddr -- Get the beowulf internal IP for the master node.
bproc_move -- Move the running process to another node
bproc_nodeaddr -- Get the IP address for a node.
bproc_nodeinfo -- Get general status information for a node
bproc_nodenumber -- Get the node number based on the given IP address.
bproc_nodestatus -- Returns the status of the given node.
bproc_numnodes -- Get the count of cluster nodes.
bproc_pidghostnode -- Get the node a PID started on.
bproc_pidnode -- Get the node a PID is running on.
bproc_rexec -- exec a program on a remote node
bproc_rfork -- fork, with the child ending up on a remote node.
bproc_setnodestatus -- Change the status of a node
bproc_slave_chroot -- Request the slave daemon to perform a chroot